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Aylsham FC was formed in 2008 and set out with one primary goal – “one club, one facility”.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of so many this dream became reality in 2015.  Youngs Park has now been successfully operating as a football centre and community facility for over 18 months, thanks to a dedicated bunch of volunteers.

The above has taken a huge effort, however as a football club committee we know the time is right to ignite our ambition by clarifying what we feel are the key priorities for AFC as we look into the future.  We have together created 6 Goals and 4 Critical Enablers which we would like to share today with you all.  Hopefully, what you will recognise is mostly familiar as the themes are more of a continuation around what are either doing or talking about.

Why do we need Goals?

-To define our ambition and direction of travel

-To provide us with a valuable framework to support decision-making

-They help everyone (club members and stakeholders) understand where we need to work together

Today is about sharing our high level goals. As it’s everyone’s club, what we would love is for you to start talking to us about how we get there and what you think we need to do next.  Most of the main committee members are aligned to either a goal or enabler to start thinking about the next steps.  We will publish the list of owners after our next meeting on June 12th, but for now feel free to talk to any of us.

Please get involved.

Ian, Heidi, Gus, Mick, Chris, Seb, Lee & Ricky


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