About Us


At our club we have clear objectives which makes belonging to Aylsham Football Club both enjoyable and successful, these are:


Who we are / want to be – We want to:

Retain footballers at Aylsham FC through to under 18s and provide a sustainable link from youth to adult football.

Support the development of our coaches and players to their full potential, hitting all four corners of the FA’s Long-Term Player Development model – technical, physical, social and psychological.

Lead the way in instigating and sustaining FA Good Practice guidelines throughout the club.

Give equal playing time and opportunity to all where age appropriate – especially during the key years of 5 – 12 with fun and player development being the main priorities.


How we play – We want to:

Develop and sustain an identity as a club playing attractive, attacking, creative football.

Maintain and enhancing our reputation as a club that gives 100% both on and off the pitch, and fully respects opponents, supporters, coaches and officials.


The player – We want to:

Develop players who play with a sense of fun, fairness and fearlessness.

Develop players who are excellent decision-makers both on and off the ball.

Develop players who take responsibility for themselves and their teammates.

Commit to providing the structure and opportunities for players to reach their full potential.


How we coach – We want to:

Remember at all times that football is an activity to be enjoyed.

Achieve a Plan > Do > Review method to all Aylsham coaching.

Share experiences and learn from other coaches within the club.Take responsibility for enhancing and improving our education as coaches including achieving FA youth module’s for all youth coaches.


How we support – We want to:

Encourage and promote the FA Respect protocols.

Include parents in the ethos, aims and approach of their children’s coaching group and the club in general.

Ensure that communication with parents is thorough, open and honest.Work hard to make sure that parents are committed to maintaining the values of Aylsham FC.