Aylsham Athletic VS Holt

Holt 1 Aylsham 7.
Following todays local derby with Holt sitting top of the league I wasn’t anticipating such a performance and end result, we had George and Tom both absent today who under normal circumstance would be natural starters.
I would say based on to days performance this was our best performance of the season, we were 1 – 2 up when we went into the second half and I was trying see why we weren’t out of site with numerous opportunities.
Starting Line Up.
         Oliver – James – Ibs
           Louis – Jack Gray
Cole – Adam – Bryn –  James Barr
Subs – Ruben – Henry
Goals – Ibs 2
             Cole 2
             Adam 2
             Sonny 1
Man of the Match – Bryn for his faultless performance in midfield, he was first to the ball, cut everything out and was snapping at the Holt midfield not allowing them to settle.
Also in contention was Cole who took both of his goals really well and was unlucky not to get a third, you still frustrate me however with the defensive part of your game, a little more confidence will give you the top spot.
Adam Smith – from my vantage point Adam was strong in the tackle stopping Holt from playing the ball from the back, apart from the 2 fine goals thought you had your best game todate.
I would also like to mention Josh and not because of the fine penalty save but for his constant talking to the players in front of him and also encouragement, we all need to take a leaf out of Joshs book and be more supportive..
The game was barely 5 minutes old when Louis took control of the ball in midfield before putting a lovely flighted ball over the top for Cole to run onto and smash into the back of the net , brilliant start.
Within 15 minutes we allowed Holt to score a scrappy goal, from my position it appeared that no one wanted to take ownership allowing Holt to walk through and equalise against the run of play.
Disappointing as it was it wasn’t long before Ibs who is now playing in midfield got onto the ball beating 2 men before shooting across the keeper in the far corner 1 – 2 Aylsham.
Half Time Break – Big Thank you to Gavin Gray stepping in today helping Matt, your main part Gav is controlling Matts temper.
Gentleman of the Day – Jack Gray who kindly and unprompted offered to get my crutches from the back of the car. Thank you
Lady of the day – Sandie and Louis mum who dragged a bench out of the shade and into the sunlight allowing me to watch the game in reasonable comfort., thank you
We are now 15 minutes into the game and Im starting to plot my report which was going to read how did this not turn into a goal fest, when Cole broke through firing into the bottom left hand corner ( When done Cole )
As I said earlier this was our best performance todate and yet I cant truly say were we that good or Holt poor, however we have now got a free kick outside of the box and standing over the ball was Adam, in training he constantly clears the bar on this occasion the keeper didn’t see it coming 1 – 4 Aylsham.
I wasn’t expecting such a convincing win so no notes to refer to so may get the goals a little out of sequence, the fifth goal came from a fine effort by Cole matched by a fine save but unfortunately the ball fell to Ibs who returned with venom 1 -5.
The sixth was an individual effort by Adam who cut inside before driving the ball across the keeper into the far corner 1 -6 ( Overall a much improved performance Adam )
The seventh and final goal came from deep when man of the match Bryn won the ball ran down the right before putting in a perfect cross for Sonny to dispatch into the back of the net.
Overall a great performance which will give you bragging right status tomorrow in school , I would also like to say our new signings Bryn – Louis and Josh have all bedded in well and hope you are enjoying your time at Aylsham.
On separate note and finally- Henry and Ibs were invited to trial at the Norwich PDC over a 4 week period and playing in 2 competitive games , I both pleased and proud to say that both boys have progressed and we have 2 additional PDC players in the team.

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